Wazir Khan Mosque Lahore Fort Park Interior

Lahore Fort Park

Hundreds of years ago, a city surrounded by enormous fortified walls was built in Lahore, Pakistan protecting the most beloved markets, culture, and landmarks that stand today! This city is known as the “Old City” of Lahore transforming from being antiquated with mud walls to the capital city of Punjab with rich contemporary architecture and …

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Tea house accommodation Nepal Tea house lodge Nepal

Tea House Accommodation in Nepal

One of the highlights of trekking in Nepal for our team has always been getting the chance to experience life in one of the tea houses scattered along the country’s trekking routes. Recently I was asked to explain the tea house lodges of Nepal, a common question from guests visiting for the first time. Realizing …

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Nanga Parbat Trek - Fairy Meadows Pakistan Tour

Fairy Meadows – Nanga Parbat Trek

Pakistan is filled with superlative locations, known for undisturbed natural beauties. The most popular attraction in Northern Pakistan is the Nanga Parbat trek, known for its encapsulating landscapes and scenic hiking trails. With the best-unobstructed view of the colossal Nanga Parbat peaks at 8,125 meters high, Fairy Meadows resides in thick forests at the heart …

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Outlook over Skardu Valley Landscape

Skardu Valley – Heaven on Earth

If you’ve ever been interested in traveling the areas of Northern Pakistan, Skardu is a name you’ve likely stumbled across. Skardu Valley is a mixed bag of cultural influences placed on the border of China and India. The conglomerate of national influences produces unique natural sites in its vicinity resulting in one of the top …

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