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If you have landed on this page in your pursuit of Afghanistan tours then you likely don’t need an explanation of this amazing land. From Marco Polo’s expedition through the present-day Wakhan to the endless diplomatic intrigue of the Great Game, Afghanistan has maintained its independence in the face of empires many times its size. A land known in Western media headlines for decades-long wars and endless fighting, with resilient men and women who have raised families and persevered in the face of impossible circumstances. Afghanistan boasts of unrivaled hospitality that honors and protects its guests above all else.

The very notion of tourism in Afghanistan raises a plethora of ethical dilemmas, with careful consideration needed to ensure that our adventures here leave a positive impact long after we have returned home. Yet the invitation of the Afghan people to stay for tea and naan… the allure of icy peaks beckoning in the isolated reaches of the Wakhan.

“Is there a way that travel to Afghanistan can be viable once again?”

We have spent many long hours wrestling alongside our local partners with this very question. Over many cups of tea in Bamiyan, and over Kebabs in the homes of our Afghan trip leaders, we sought out answers. Having experienced Afghanistan through the eyes of our Afghanistan tour guests who return home with new perspectives and life-changing experiences, we can confidently say that Afghanistan is ready. Afghanistan is inviting you to follow in the footsteps of millenniums of travelers who have passed through this unfiltered land. When you are ready to chat about your Afghanistan tour just drop us a message. We love to have the opportunity to explain how we support you in experiencing Afghanistan while leaving a positive impact. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll be waiting for you in Kabul… or perhaps the Khyber Pass?

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Afghanistan Tour FAQs

The security situation in Afghanistan is more stable than it has been at any point over the past four decades. This being said, travel in off-the-beaten-path destinations comes with inherent risks, and the most dangerous thing in Afghanistan at present may very well be the driving.

The Untraversed team will work with you to determine the best embassy to apply to based on where you are traveling to Afghanistan from. We do not directly arrange visas, rather we supply you with a Letter of Invitation from our Afghan partners and then talk you through the process of applying at your particular embassy.

Most nationalities will find themselves getting their visa in a nearby country on the way to Afghanistan, in which case our team will recommend the best flight options for traveling to Afghanistan from the country where you obtain your visa.

This is a great question, and there is no one size fits all answer. Our team believes strongly in positive influence through healthy cross-cultural exchange, and we would love to find a time to chat if you have any questions or thoughts that you would like to share.

Female guests are not required to wear a burqa while in Afghanistan, but modest loose-fitting clothing and a head scarf should be worn while in public. An abaya and head scarf work well. On the first day of all of our Afghanistan tours, we take a trip to the tailor where both men and women will have local clothing made.

Travel insurance is required for our tours in Afghanistan. We will recommend travel insurance providers that cover tours to Afghanistan upon booking, or you are welcome to select your own travel insurance as well.

At present withdrawing cash from ATMs with foreign cards is not a reliable option. Cash for souvenirs and tips for your local guides if desired should be brought in USD in the form of clean 100-dollar bills and exchanged in Afghanistan. At the beginning of your Afghanistan tour, there will be an opportunity to exchange currency.

There will be an opportunity to purchase a SIM in Afghanistan upon arrival in Afghanistan. Mobile internet is unreliable at best in most of Kabul and not available outside of the major cities. Most hotels will have internet, but it will be intermittent and slow during peak usage times.

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