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“Facilitating responsible travel to the untraversed corners of the world through local partnerships.”

In a tea stall overlooking a remote mountain village in the heart of Central Asia,  Faizan Ali shared his vision for reshaping the way that travelers experience this valley that had been his home for the past 23 years.  An intrigued traveler listened intently as Faizan expressed his passion for sharing this breathtaking region with foreign guests, while lamenting the difficulty of reaching out to them from this valley tucked away in such a remote mountain range.  After a few more cups of tea… and some local flatbread… the plans for a new way of doing travel were starting to take shape.

Our vision and goal here at Untraversed is quite simple.  We work to facilitate connections between you and our local guides, with the goal of providing unique travel experiences that have a genuine positive impact on these seldom traveled to regions.  Our greatest success comes in the form of seeing our local trip leaders taking their guests on journeys into these “untraversed” regions that they call home.  This vision for providing socially and environmentally responsible adventures has expanded into new regions over the years, but it is still rooted in a chat over tea in that breathtaking valley in the heart of Central Asia.

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Photographer, trekking guide, and writer, Salim is most at home when showing guests around the Hunza Valley which he calls home. If you manage to ...

  • Hunza Valley, Pakistan

Jonathan’s mission is connecting you with local trip leaders who will make your once-in-a-lifetime adventure a reality. Jonathan has spent the last ...

  • Michigan, USA

We first met Raju on a bus ride across northern Nepal while he was guiding a group of travelers on a journey into the Langtang region near Tibet. ...

  • Bhase, Nepal
Untraversed Travel Guide Bangladesh

Why should you travel to Bangladesh?  Dive into the heart of Bangladeshi life and culture with Muhmad and find out for yourself!  With a sense of ...

  • Dhaka, Bangladesh
pradip untraversed tour company guide

Pradip is passionate about sharing authentic Nepali life in the mountains of Eastern Nepal where he was born and raised.  Growing up in a farming ...

  • Kathmandu, Nepal
Luke Maxson

During a free summer after finishing college Luke decided to take a marketing internship with Untraversed in South Asia, and the rest is History…  ...

  • Canton, Michigan
Afghanistan Tour Guide Abbas

Born on the outskirts of Bamyan, Afghanistan, the home of the famous Buddhas in the heart of Hazarajat, Abbas serves on the Untraversed team as an ...

  • Bamyan, Afghanistan
Rezwan Afghanistan Tour Guide

Rezwan was born in the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan not far from the Pakistan border in the lush green Kunar Valley. After traveling to ...

  • Kunar, Afghanistan
Ibrar Sharif

Born and raised in the city of Peshawar, Ibrar's heart beats for adventure. When not assisting our guests with preparations for their upcoming trips ...

  • Peshawar, Pakistan
suleman social media manager pakistan tour

Hey, I'm Suleman, a graphic maestro and social media wizard. Beyond the digital realm, you'll often find me cherishing life's simple joys. Exploring ...

  • Lahore, Pakistan
Pakistan tour

Born in the tribal areas on the Afghanistan - Pakistan border, Mohsin grew up hosting international travelers in his family’s hotel in Peshawar. When ...

  • Peshawar, Pakistan

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