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Mohsin Afridi

Born in the tribal areas on the Afghanistan – Pakistan border, Mohsin grew up hosting international travelers in his family’s hotel in Peshawar. When not spending time with his five kids back in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mohsin is most likely to be found in his Jeep showing foreign guests around his favorite spots in the mountains …

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Suleman Saeed

Hey, I’m Suleman, a graphic maestro and social media wizard. Beyond the digital realm, you’ll often find me cherishing life’s simple joys. Exploring the cobbled streets of old towns and wandering through grassy meadows is where I find my muse. I have a penchant for finding beauty in the everyday, a principle that guides my …

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Luke Maxson

During a free summer after finishing college Luke decided to take a marketing internship with Untraversed in South Asia, and the rest is History…  these days you can find Luke planning epic backpacking adventures in far-flung corners of the world or perusing the creation of the perfect cup of milk tea.  When not living out …

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Jonathan White

Jonathan’s mission is connecting you with local trip leaders who will make your once-in-a-lifetime adventure a reality. Jonathan has spent the last decade leading expeditions to the least traveled corners of the planet while pursuing socially and environmentally responsible travel. Growing up in the adventure travel industry, Jonathan’s resume includes serving as a ski mountaineering …

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Salim Khan

Photographer, trekking guide, and writer, Salim is most at home when showing guests around the Hunza Valley which he calls home. If you manage to catch him in between treks, you will probably find him playing the rebab (a local stringed instrument) or plotting his next adventure into the heart of the Karakoram Range.  After …

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