Saudi Arabia Tour

Saudi Arabia Tour


Embark on a journey into the seldom explored Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as you traverse ruggedly barren yet stunningly beautiful desertscapes along ancient caravan trading routes. While exploring local souks and learning about the millennia old civilizations that once traversed the region, you will marvel at the men and women who have maintained life here for seemingly endless generations. 

Start Riyadh

Finish Jeddah

Trip Length 10 days

Group Size Min 1, Max 12

Physical Rating Leisurely

Available Trip Options

Fixed Departure: January 3 – 12, 2025

Trip Highlights

  • Our Saudi Arabia tour package takes you along ancient caravan routes via comfortable private transportation, winding its way across the heart of the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Join one of the first western groups to explore the kingdom’s pristine archeological sites and desert tombs following its recent opening to non-Mulsim tourists.
  • Take the opportunity to explore UNESCO World Heritage sites far removed from the crowds, in a region that truly embodies the definition of untraversed.
  • Learn about the diverse human history of the region as you rediscover oases and ancient cities long since abandoned yet pristinley preserved.
  • Visit Saudi Arabia’s largest camel market where Riyals are traded for goats and camels in the early morning dawn along the outskirts of Buraydah.

Is this trip for me?

  • While Saudi culture is changing rapidly Saudi Arabia still remains a conservative society. Travelers with a genuine appreciation for experiencing local cultures will enjoy an intriguing journey into a kingdom that few travelers outside of the Arab world have been privileged to experience.
  • Foreign women are no longer required to wear an Abaya (the long black woman’s garment) in Saudi Arabia, nor are they required to travel with a male relative. Modest clothing with long sleeves is sufficient for foreign women traveling in Saudi Arabia, and female travelers are not required to cover their hair. Men should not wear shorts in public in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Tour Package Itinerary

Day 1 Riyadh

  • Welcome to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! Begin your journey in the capital Riyadh, arriving before 5 p.m. for a team meeting followed by a welcome dinner. If you arrive early be sure to explore the truly unique experience in the shopping districts of the capital.

Day 2 Riyadh

  • Your introduction to the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia begins with a visit to Al Masmak Fortress. Continue on to explore the UNESCO site Al Dariya, the once flourishing desert capital which was home to the first Saudi state. As evening approaches venture out to the “Edge of the World,” a 300 meter escarpment on the brink of seemingly endless plains. Enjoy a spectacular sunset there before returning to Riyadh for the night.

Day 3 Buraydah

  • Leaving Riyadh behind you will travel to the heritage village Ushaiger, originally founded by Bedouins over a millennium ago, and later becoming a popular stop for pilgrims. After experiencing its labyrinth of narrow streets winding through ancient dwellings, head out towards Buraydah for the night.

Day 4 Ha’il

  • Leavie Buraydah early in the morning to join the action at the Al Qassim Camel Market, the largest in the world. Camels, sheep, goats, saddles and blankets are traded in a dizzying array of activity in the desert not far from Buraydah. The tradition of camel racing is still passionately preserved as a beloved aspect of the kingdom’s heritage. Next you will continue on to the Hutaymah crater, an expansive break in the surrounding plains with a salt field at its center. Arrive in Ha’il for the night.

Day 5 Ha’il

  • Start the morning by setting out from Ha’il towards the impressive petroglyphs of Jubbah. These pristine rock carvings date back as far as 10,000 years, leaving a timeless reminder of the caravans which traveled through the region over the millenia. Upon returning to Ha’il be sure to take time in the evening to explore the souqs brimming with local produce and handicrafts.

Days 6 and 7 AlUlah

  • The AlUlah region boasts some of the highlights of the kingdom, and you will have a chance to explore an ancient Nabatean city long forgotten until recent decades by all except the occasional desert wanderer. While visiting the intricate tombs carved into the side of desert boulders, the absence of crowds of tourists rightly gives the feeling that you have made it into the heart of the untraversed. Marvel at the towering “elephant rock,” carved by innumerable years of wind and water erosion, and watch the sunset over this truly spectacular reminder of ancient Bedouins who once roamed this rugged peninsula.

Please Note: Activities in AlUlah are led by the Royal Commission for AlUla which sets the timings for activities in the region.

Day 8 Medina

  • Departing for Media you will make your way to this holy city, an important stop for Muslim pligrims making the Hajj. It was to Medina that the Prophet (PBUH) migrated in response to persecution, in what is known as the Hijra in the year 622. After exploring this sacred city prepare to continue your journey towards Jeddah in the morning.

Day 9 Jeddah

  • Jeddah is the last stop on your Saudi Arabia tour package. Jeddah marks the gateway to Mecca, the holiest city for Muslims. The old city, Al-Balad, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and formerly an important seaport for pilgrims. After exploring the narrow streets of Al-Balad, finish the evening with a farewell dinner as a team in Jeddah. 

Day 10 Jeddah

  • No events are planned for the last day of your tour, and you are free to depart at any time. If you would like to extend your stay at the hotel in Jeddah, be sure to reach out to the Untraversed team in advance of your trip.


Included in the Saudi Arabia tour package:

  • All accommodation
  • Activities and attraction entrance fees
  • All ground transportation
  • English speaking Local Trip Leader
  • All meals during the trip

Not included:

  • International flights to and from Saudi Arabia
  • Travel insurance, which is a requirement for the trip
  • Visa

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